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Even with low capacity now one can make and receive unlimited high definition calls with VOIP Telephony services of Wow PBX, it comes with flexibility and 24 by7 support. The Wow PBX employ telephone setup within minutes and one can ask for the number of extensions. In order to make it cost effective VOIP Telephony services offered by Wow PBX support can work with any internet connected device..


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Home phone –

Wow PBX has come up with advanced features especially for home based businesses so that best quality can be delivered. User friendly attributes as routing, transfer, call forwarding will help one to make best possible use of the opportunity. Device Independence trait will help one to get the VOIP services connected on smartphone, Pc and tablet as well. One can also get the freelance employees connected to each other free to cost

Upper hand with Wow PBX Home Phone Service

Business phone –

THE Wow PBX gives you the upper hand to make your business communication fruitful just by adding or deleting the extension, routing the call just to ensure that need of the hour is aptly taken care by just few clicks at any point in time and from any location. Traits like real time monitoring, calls conferencing, reporting and so forth and hence we will take care what you are looking for is provided

Upper hand with Wow PBX Business Phone service

IP Phone system –

has proven to be an aid to the business however to leave more impact time has come to switch to Wow PBX. We host the IP system on cloud so that all the features of the traditional as well as the new version can be used for the easy management and high productivity. Our professionals will ensure that one does not have to go with the hazel of upgrading

Amazing traits of Wow PBX IP Phone System

Virtual Office Phone system –

as we are growing with time so is the business, with the Wow PBX Virtual Office Phone System there is no need of the physical office, the system allows high quality voice calling and the employees for all the other locations domestic as well as international can get connected to each other free of cost which will help each one of them to analyze their work and they will be able to work in sync with the help of attributes as Hosted IVR system, call routing , call recording, forwarding and so forth which will indeed wok without local server setup.

Prominent features of the Virtual Office Phone System

VoIP Telephony at Wow PBX provides

Call Recording

Call recording is the term which we use day in and day out which in simple words it means recording of the voice while the call is ongoing,



Call Forwarding is the prominent feature of Wow PBX; this feature comes handy when the call lands on the number and that number is not available



Wow PBX does not want to be just normal, we firmly believe in delivering the outstanding services. Customized Messages just adds to attain the same



Keeping the customer on hold is not considered to be a good practice and lot of studies have shown that is what they are scared of when calling


Call Conferencing is an amazing gadget that has proved to be an asset for the organization as it helps to communicate between the employer and

Call Transfer

interactive voice response is one of the modish technology in today's time which is available with Wow PBX, as we are moving towards the western culture slowly and gradually

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