Call Screening Announce

Wow PBX has an advanced feature which is Call Screen and Announce which lets the representative to start the conversation by giving the professional touch as they will be able to hear the announcement which will come across as You have a call for support from the name of the person, to answer the same press1, to send the same to voicemail press 2, to route the call to another extension press 3, to keep the call on hold press 4 Now with this feature, the representative can answer the call well prepared and will also be able to overcome the concern of misreading the name as the caller at times might get offended because of the same concern, but now with Call Screen and Announce feature representative will be able to hear the name of the caller in his or her voice and at the same time one will be able to decide how the call should be tackled while the caller on hold will be able to a customized music of their choice and you can also this opportunity to make the caller aware about the latest promotion or offering which might fascinate the caller.

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Wow PBX's Hosted PBX VOIP allows you to prioritize the call by deciding which call to answer and which to block, and it also helps you to handle the call more efficiently, with the trait of Call Screening and Call Announce you will be provided with most of the information so that you can address the concern aptly at the right point in time, if that is not the time to speak you can choose from the numerous options how to answer the call as Call Park, Call Hunt, Virtual Office, Automated Operator, Voicemail, ACID, DID, IVR and so forth.

Hosted PBX VOIP Increases Productivity

The trait of Call Screening and Call Announce allows the representative to see he caller name, number as it will be displayed automatically so that the representative can make some changes

It will indeed increase the productivity as the employee can make the instant decision which call to answer and the other can be routed to the voicemail, these also helps us to overcome the advertising calls hence you will be able to save time and will be able to make most out of the answered calls

Call Recording

Call recording is the term which we use day in and day out which in simple words it means recording of the voice while the call is ongoing,



Call Forwarding is the prominent feature of Wow PBX; this feature comes handy when the call lands on the number and that number is not available



Wow PBX does not want to be just normal, we firmly believe in delivering the outstanding services. Customized Messages just adds to attain the same



Keeping the customer on hold is not considered to be a good practice and lot of studies have shown that is what they are scared of when calling


Call Conferencing is an amazing gadget that has proved to be an asset for the organization as it helps to communicate between the employer and

Call Transfer

interactive voice response is one of the modish technology in today's time which is available with Wow PBX, as we are moving towards the western culture slowly and gradually

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