Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is the prominent feature of Wow PBX; this feature comes handy when the call lands on the number and that number is not available to take the call in this case the call can be routed to another number, as we come across many unavoidable features on daily basis because of which the number may be able to take the incoming call however because of call forwarding we ensure the business is up and running We emphasize on flexibility for selecting the number so that the call gets forwarded, one also has the option of customizing the number and just to add on that in the case of when the official extension will be buzzy the call will be forwarded on the employee's extension if still unanswered the same will be forwarded to the mobile which indeed means that calls can be routed outside the network as well

Advance Features of Wow PBX

We at the end of the day reduces the possibility of getting the calls missed which is done with the help of trait as Call –Hunt, Call Queue Management, Call parking and so forth. In the near future Hosted PBX is the attribute on which business will run with the installation of a simple softphone on a device along with the connection of Internet, this will add value to the service as you will be able to make calls globally that too on the low price maintain the call quality

Call Recording

Call recording is the term which we use day in and day out which in simple words it means recording of the voice while the call is ongoing,



Call Forwarding is the prominent feature of Wow PBX; this feature comes handy when the call lands on the number and that number is not available



Wow PBX does not want to be just normal, we firmly believe in delivering the outstanding services. Customized Messages just adds to attain the same



Keeping the customer on hold is not considered to be a good practice and lot of studies have shown that is what they are scared of when calling


Call Conferencing is an amazing gadget that has proved to be an asset for the organization as it helps to communicate between the employer and

Call Transfer

interactive voice response is one of the modish technology in today's time which is available with Wow PBX, as we are moving towards the western culture slowly and gradually

Answering calls with the help of Call Forwarding:

When Hosted PBX was offered as a feature, we ensured that calls are answered and none of the call should go unanswered as they are golden opportunity for the business, below mentioned are the traits available with the call forwarding

  • All Calls
  • On buzzy
  • No Answer
  • For selected callers.
  • Busy Line.

Yes, just to note if the call forwarding is set on all calls then you will not be able to opt the option of call forwarding for any other calls and to experience the same you can opt for free trial with Wow PBX

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