Customized Messages

Wow PBX does not want to be just normal, we firmly believe in delivering the outstanding services. Customized Messages just adds to attain the same, they are the recorded messages which will be played once the customer is on hold or even when all the agents are buzzy taking other calls. The message can be a human tone, music or a brand tone and so forth. Customized message will always act as a boon to the business As we all know that placing the caller on hold cannot be a good idea hence we also have attributes as Advanced ACD or Simultaneous Ringing feature which indeed helps the call to be connected as quick as possible however there is a strong possibility because of the high call volume one has to be on hold as it becomes the need of the hour, you can help yourself by playing Customized Messages and also by appreciating the patience so that it gives an impact to the caller that their call and their time is valuable.

What is the importance of Customized Messages

When all the representatives are buzzy taking calls the caller on the other ends hears the beep sound which might be very irritating, it is very important for any business to find out the ways in order to minimize the hold time as we all stand by it that time is money and the customers time should be used very efficiently, by playing promotional messages, providing information about the product, making them aware about the changes and so forth one can keep them occupied Messages can be simply laid down all you will be required to do is choose the voice message that you want to play on the call and then select the extension as well the department for which it is meant to be, on can use this option if need be of setting up the different messages for different extensions in the same department. It gives you complete privilege to make changes as per the need Wow PBX has a team of professional to guide you through all the way whether in setting up or Customizing the message

Call Recording

Call recording is the term which we use day in and day out which in simple words it means recording of the voice while the call is ongoing,



Call Forwarding is the prominent feature of Wow PBX; this feature comes handy when the call lands on the number and that number is not available



Wow PBX does not want to be just normal, we firmly believe in delivering the outstanding services. Customized Messages just adds to attain the same



Keeping the customer on hold is not considered to be a good practice and lot of studies have shown that is what they are scared of when calling


Call Conferencing is an amazing gadget that has proved to be an asset for the organization as it helps to communicate between the employer and

Call Transfer

interactive voice response is one of the modish technology in today's time which is available with Wow PBX, as we are moving towards the western culture slowly and gradually

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