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Wow PBX provides Toll Free Number service which comes with abundant features which helps them to serve the clients globally at their comfort. We provide full aid to clients by providing couple of utilities and tools among this is toll free numbers. With the help pf these services it has become very easy of our valued customers to reach us. Clients can also give new updates and hence increasing the productivity at the same time without having to get the information provided by a representative at an individual level. It also helps us to build the brand as the Toll Free Number is unique and can be remembered easily Toll Free Numbers generally start with prefixes as 800, 888, 877,833 or 833 it has advantages for both the user and the organization At the user level toll free number is the first point of contact for a concern At the organization level it not only helps in building the brand but also helps increasing the overall efficiency and calls can be used for the training purposes as well for the future reference.

Prominent Features of Wow PBX Toll Free Number are listed as below

Additional Benefits that comes along with Business Toll Free Number

Different type of numbers that one can choose from

International Toll Free Number –

Wow PBX helps in providing quality connectivity which indeed helps to get connected with the customers across the globe. We provide international numbers for U.S.A , UK, Australia, Canada, Africa , Germany and so forth. We ensure that HD call quality is maintained and the services are provided are free of cost. Our international toll free numbers can be put in use swiftly. Wow PBX host your international toll free service in the cloud and this will help in improving the business and will speed up the process

Plus points of Toll Free Number

Vanity Numbers –

plays an important role in creating the brand awareness as it comes handy because the customer will not be required to remember the phone number any more, now when the customer calls us they will be required to either call out the word or the phrase which is associated with the business and yes these numbers are free to call which indeed means one will not be asked to pay for making the call. Availing these services one can work from anywhere and anytime. We have a term of professionals how will be there to support in terms of operational issues

Beneficiary traits of Vanity Numbers

Local Numbers-

location of a business does not matter anymore. Wow PBX offers you secure communication platform to reach out even in isolated areas. One can stand out in business if they know their customers well and it is just possible by communication and in order to give that human touch one can avail number of area codes in order to set up virtual local presence and in return it will undeniably strengthen the bond between clients, workmate and customers even when you are far- off

Key features of Local Number system with Wow PBX

Why Choose Wow PBX AS YOUR 800 Toll Free Numbers Provider

Wow PBX's toll free number provides economical and diverse functions to their valued customers to call free of cost across the globe and around the clock. We make sure that support is provided when the need be regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. Wow PBX helps you to customize the service as per the business requirement and we emphasize on making it user friendly . Wow PBX allows its customer, workmate and clients to communicate by their preferred means via text, voice, chat and email as well

Noteworthy features which you can use to make your business worthier are listed

Call Recording

Call recording is the term which we use day in and day out which in simple words it means recording of the voice while the call is ongoing,



Call Forwarding is the prominent feature of Wow PBX; this feature comes handy when the call lands on the number and that number is not available



Wow PBX does not want to be just normal, we firmly believe in delivering the outstanding services. Customized Messages just adds to attain the same



Keeping the customer on hold is not considered to be a good practice and lot of studies have shown that is what they are scared of when calling


Call Conferencing is an amazing gadget that has proved to be an asset for the organization as it helps to communicate between the employer and

Call Transfer

interactive voice response is one of the modish technology in today's time which is available with Wow PBX, as we are moving towards the western culture slowly and gradually

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