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The updated the name of the company Privacy Notice comes into effect from Date

Name of the company and its worldwide affiliaties and subsidiaries (collectively “name of the company’’, “us’’, “we”, “our”) are devoted towards guarding your privacy while providing you with a positive experience on our website and also in using our products and services

The Privacy Notice (“Notice’’) will help one in getting the detail information on how and why we collect, use and share your personal data from our customers, website visitors and even the end users of our products and services (collectively “you”, “your’’) by means of communications with you and also with our products and services. When you view our website, our sub domains, our desktop, IP desk phone and mobile applications or in fact use our unified cloud communications as well the services. The policy also considers your choices in regards to use, access, deletion as well correction of your personal information

Name of the company’s Privacy Notice applies to name of the company websites as well to services that has some link to or reference this Notice. Add on information in relation to personal information practices may be provided in supplemental term and conditions, supplemental privacy statements or notices provided prior to or at the time of data collection

We would suggest you to read this Notice in full in order to be sure that you are fully informed however if you are interested just to go access a particular section of this Notice, then you simply click on the same

Information We Collect

As used in this Notice, “personal information’’ or “personal data” which indeed means any information or data relating to any recognized or recognizable natural person or household (an “identifier’’) which we might process in connection to our Websites, Apps and Services, recognized or recognizable natural person or household is one who can be identified directly or indirectly , in specific by reference to an identifier such as name, an identification number , location data , an online identifier or to one or more factors in relation to the physical, physiological , genetic, mental , economic , cultural or social identify of that natural person or household

Information which individual actively provide to us –

We may ask one to provide certain personal information when one create an WowPbx (Sparrow Consulting and Services Pvt.) account, when you visit and view certain parts of our Website, Apps and Services. The personal information you are asked to provide will depend on the factors that you are asking for the information from us. We collect information which you provide to use by visiting our Website, Apps or Services which may include email address, postal address, phone numbers, employee name, user name, information about the type of service required, marketing preferences, job titles, credit card information, transactional information it will also include any communication, inquiries contact or other information which you have provided while you are using the services. The information provided by you will only be used in a manner that helps one to achieve specific purposes for which it is been collected.

Information we collect from end users on behalf of Name of the company customers –

In case if you are not a Name of the company customer but you are still engrossing in communication powered by Name of the company Services, we may collect and store the personal information on behalf of a Name of the company customer. You may directly provide this information to us in a way (by filling out a form or at the time of signing of an account to publish and share content on Name of the company’s communities) or indirectly in a way (by providing the personal information to the Name of the company customer while ongoing conversation hence the same information enters our system )

Information may include details as full name, email address, username, other information we collect as necessary to offer the relevant Website, App or Service. We use the same information in connection with providing our Website, App or Service to the Name of the company client on whose behalf we store and collect the information which is otherwise necessary to administer and maintain our Website, Apps or Services and even for the other genuine business purposes given permission by our government with the relevant Name of the company client.

Some Name of the company products and services may also use and store personal information about one from customer’s social media accounts or the account which they have with the third party services, when the customer selects to connect its account Name of the company accounts with social media, the information which is publically available will be stored. We use this information in providing our services to our clients as it will help our customers to respond to social media posts and messages within their Name of the company accounts and they will also be able to track and analyze their interaction with End Users via social media

Information we collect automatically when one visits our Website, Apps or use our services

When an individual visits our Website or use the Apps or services, we might collect some information automatically from your device. In some jurisdiction which includes European Economic Area the information can be taken as personal information under applied data protection laws

Using of the information – we always maintain the track of the activity in regards to the Website, Apps or Services, we may end up collecting

We and our third party marketing service providers end up using the information Customers send to us for our marketing purposes, if this is in accordance with the marketing preferences and the applicable law one also has the option to opt of our marketing, for more information see the Unsubscribe from mailing list section below.

Legal Basis for processing personal information (European Economic Area)

As we collect personal information from you in connection with using our Website, App or Service within European Economic Area our legal basis for collecting and using the personal information it will depend on the personal information in the way we collect it. We collect personal information only when we your consent to do so, we need your personal information where we have to reach out to you or if it is used in the legitimate interest and not revoke by your data protection interest or fundamental rights and freedom however in some situations we may be required to collect the personal information in question. We may ask you to provide your personal information in order to meet the legal requirement or even to enter in a contract with you and the same will be made clear at the relevant time and will also let you know if providing with personal information is necessary or not and in case it is mandatory and the same is not provided what can be the consequences. In the same way when we collect and use personal information in dependence on our or third party’s genuine interest and even those interest which are not listed above or one may check Information We Use section and you be given the clear information what the legitimate interest at the relevant time. If you still have concern or seeking more information about the legal basis on what we collect and use personal information one can reach us through our contact details available under Contact Us

Sharing and Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

We will not rent or sell any of your personal information however we might share and reveal your information which we have collected with the third parties primarily for legitimate business or legal purpose in reference with applicable law

Note that, in regards to the California residents, we define “ Sale’’ and “personal information’’ in relation with applicable California Law

Your Privacy Rights

Update and access to your information

Where we use personal information collected through our Website, Apps or through our Services for our account management, billing or marketing purposes and where required by applicable law and also we allow individual with the option to access, review, modify and delete any such personal information that we exercise

Request from End Users

If you suspect Name of the company might have collected or saved personal information from you on behalf of a Name of the company customer, you are requested to contact the Name of the company customer with any request in relation to your personal information

Your Privacy Rights as a data subject protected by EEA law or California Resident

If you are an EEA person, if you are located in the EEA or if you are a California resident you will have wider rights in regards to access and delete your personal information, to object to or limit processing of personal information, to correct your personal information or request flexibility of your personal information In case if we are the end user whose personal information is collected on behalf of Name of the company, you are requested to contact the Name of the company customer directly to make such request however in other circumstances one can summit the request through online portal and all we be taken care in accordance with applicable laws If we have collected and used your personal information with your consent and it is also protected by EEA law, one can withdraw consent at any time having said that it will not have any lawful impact on the processing conducted prior to your withdrawal nor it will have impact on processing of your personal information conducted in reliance on lawful processing grounds other than consent One also has the right to complain to the local data protection authority at any point in time, when using personal information to provide our services, we do it on behalf of our EEA Customers and in accordance with their instructions which indeed means if one wants to access, review, modify or delete any personal information we process on behalf of Name of the company customer, applicable under EEA law one should contact that customer with request, we will then help that customer with the specific request in regards to the instructions

Additional Privacy Rights as a California Resident

If one is the resident of California and is receiving Name of the company Services or visit our Website or App as a private individual what is meant not as a member or representative of a company or as a part of the organization, you may have the right to receive a free, yearly accounting of

In case you are a resident of California who qualifies to receive such an accounting and would like to go with one please email on have to write the email address. We don’t engross in the sale of personal information as per the California Law

Unsubscribe from our mailing list

We give you the upper hand in receiving a variety of information related to our Website, App or Services and one can manage the communication preferences through the following methods By following the instructions which includes each promotional email from us to unsubscribe from that Sending us an email at unsubscribe and complete email address Visiting mention, the complete link Although these choices do not apply to service notifications or other required communication that are considered part of certain App and Services, which one may receive periodically unless one stop using or cancel the App or Services however in accordance with its terms and conditions

Third - Party Sites

The Notice does not apply to, nor we are responsible for, the privacy, information or other practices of any third parties which include any third party operating any site or service to which the Website links including but it is not limited to social media sites. The insertion of a link on the website does not imply our endorsement of the linked site and it is advisable to check the privacy notices of those sites before providing your personal information to them

Blogs and Forums

On our Website one can publically access blogs or community forums. One should be completely aware that any information you provide in these areas is public and can be read, collected and can be used by others who access them and will be there on the public domain forever however if one wats to remove the personal information for our blog or the community forum for the same one can summit the request though our online portal , at times there can be a situation that we might not be able to remove your personal information and then in that case we will let you know and will describe the reason for the same hence it is always advisable that one is cautious while providing personal information in blogs and community forums


Keeping your information secure it is not only important to us but also prime job and for the same we maintain a proper technical and organizational safeguards in order to protect your personal information even at the time of transmission and once it is received. Name of the company has no control over or responsibility for the security or privacy policies or other sites on the internet you might visit, interact with or you might visit to buy products as well services however you even visit the website using the link from our website It is worth to note no Website, App or Services is completely secure however we aspire to protect our customer’s information using the measures as mentioned above and at the same time we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access,hacking, data loss or data breach will not occur

Data Retention

We will only keep your personal information till it is required to fulfill purpose for which it was initially collected unless no retention period is required or permitted by law, for legal, tax or regulatory reason or other genuine and lawful business purposes. In case if we do not have any ongoing business where we need to use your personal information we will then delete the same or undesignated it.

International Data Transfers

If need be your personal information may be transferred and managed in countries other than you are a resident. Specially information which is collected outside the United States which even include European Economic Area may be transferred to or saved on our servers in United States and also in other countries as well where our group companies and third party service providers as well the partners operate and the point to consider is that they might have different data protection laws to the countries in which you reside Name of the company abide by the Privacy Shield Principles for all transfers of personal data from the EU, the UK, and Switzerland including the onward transfer liability provision. We ensure that we have taken suitable safeguards to ensure that your personal information will remain safe in accordance with this Notice and applicable laws. In respect of personal information which originates from the EU and Switzerland, Name of the company has self-certified to the EU-U.S Privacy Shield Frameworks and in order to view the same please click here If you still have any concern in regards to unresolved privacy or data use concern which we have not addressed aptly, please feel free to contact our U.S based third party dispute resolution provider at have to provide the complete link of the page In regards to the personal data received or transferred agreeable to these Privacy Shield Frameworks, Name of the company is subject to the regulatory enforcement powers of the US Federal Trade Commission. Under Certain conditions complete description on the Privacy Shield website, you may resort to binding arbitration when other dispute resolution procedures have been exhausted.

Children’s Privacy

Name of the company does not cater to products or services which can be used by children under the age of 16 and we knowingly do not collect personal information from or about children under the age of 16 and in any given situation if you believe that the child under the age of 16 has given any information please contact have to mention the complete email address

Updates to this Notice

We may update this Notice from time to time in regards to changing legal, technical or business developments. In case if we change our Notice the same will be posted on his page in addition to updating the Last Updated date on the page at the top and for the same you will be notified directly as by posting a message or notification on the website or emailing the same before the changes come into effect and we would request to read the same on the regular basis in order to keep oneself completely abreast with the latest notifications.

Contact Us

In case of any questions, comments or concerns about this Notice, for the same please email our data protection officer at have to write the complete email address or you can also write to us at :

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